Louise Osmond

I have had many massages and holistic treatments before; but, none like I received from Sandra. I left my appointment feeling cared for, taken care of and feeling better than when I walked in the door. Sandra is thorough, respectful, knowledgeable, caring and a master at her profession. Sandra creates a relaxing, calm and safe environment to provide the therapy/treatment. I would recommend her to everyone and have sent many clients her way.

Jessica Wong

Sandra is very knowledgeable. She is friendly, warm, kind and welcoming. Sandra is professional, respectful and informative. I felt relaxed, comfortable and have recommended her to many of my friends.

Carol Soule

I have had a Shiatsu treatment with Sandra. The treatment was very relaxing, as well as beneficial. She does a very professional job. I would highly recommend her.

Tonya Aguiar

Sandra has been my first and only Shiatsu massage practitioner, and I must say she has set the bar pretty high! She is professional yet very friendly, respectful of her clients’ needs, and above all, very good at what she does. I started seeing Sandra when I became pregnant and was able to feel a great level of relaxation and relieve during my massages despite being horrifically ill in my first trimester. I will never forget a very memorable moment I had on her table which was feeling my baby kick for the first time – I guess the massage was so good the baby liked it too! I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone.

Roberta Martinoli

I had Shatsu therapy with her till 5 years ago. My main problems were cervical pain and stress on shoulders and column, in addition to sciatiic nerve pain, which started first time during and after pregnancies.
Therapy treatment gave very positive results. After first ones, which were a little painful, I felt pain and stress released on my columb, cervical section included.Same excellent results were reached with sciatic nerve. Never suffered for that anymore. Sandra also treated me with plantar reflexology, for some colon disease (mainly due to stress and fatigue) and she noticed some dental starting problems, which I actually had and I started to deal with in a while.

Jennifer Bain

Sandra is very knowledgeable in Shiatsu massage. Her calm nature makes it easy to ask her questions about the process. She easily answered all of mine and put me at ease. I was experiencing stress induced tension & pain in my neck and back. After only a few visits it has dramatically reduced and I feel fabulous! I highly recommend Sandra and the results from her massage will speak for themselves!

Jen Senuk

What a superb treatment my daughter and I had which soothed not only our feet but also our Souls. Reflexology is a wonderful healing treatment and I would highly recommend Sandra Sasso for her professional and caring service.

Dean Simonelli

I would highly recommend Sandra Sasso to someone looking for an experienced shiatsu reflexology therapist. I have had numerous massages in the past but found Sandra's style and technique to be superior. I lead a high stress lifestyle, and also find Sandra's calming demeanour definitely compliments her style making her treatments a very relaxing experience. Thus I would gladly refer this seasoned therapist to anyone looking for a positive fulfilling experience!

Cindy Simonelli

I would definitely recommend Sandra Sasso for a Shiatsu reflexology therapist. I've had a few treatments with her and really loved her calming presence. Sandra explained what she was doing and also gave me some great advice. She is very positive and my experience was very relaxing and helpful with my issues.
I would definitely refer Sandra to anyone looking for reflexology.